Happy Chappy Moments with Keerthi #1

What makes you happy?

This month, Keerthi’s class has got a new class teacher.  I waited for two weeks anxiously. After spending too much time on the day care camera to see how the new teacher moves with children and looking at the planning sheets that she puts up every week and the elaborate daily notes from her, I felt good and started feeling comfortable. So I finally decided to do a quick catch up with her about Keerthi. She was so positive and Im glad that I talked to her.

One incident that the teacher shared with me, will stay in my memory forever.  Teacher was talking to the children about feelings and was randomly asking the kids on what makes them happy, sad, angry and so on. And this is what happened

Teacher: Keerthi, what makes you happy?

Keerthi: Mommy & Daddy

There are so many things that would make her happy. She loves books, paint, colors, bubbles, cookies, cake, chocolate, ice cream and of course, me and L. I never knew that we topped the list, in spite of lot of disciplining talks that she hears from us. That discussion with her teacher surely made my day.


How about waking up with tea in bed?

It was a lovely sunday. I was woke up with (imaginary) tea in my bed. Keerthi is first person to wake up on the weekends. No matter what time she dozes off in the night, she is up before 7.15 AM. This week was no different from that routine. She woke up and cuddled with me for sometime and gave me a hug and went to hall where she left her clip in the night and came back to ask me to clip her hair and turn on the light. I did what she requested with half eye open. She said thank you and told that she is going to play with toys. I closed my eyes to catch few mins of sleep. After few secs she came back to me,  holding the toy tea cup and said, “Amma! Wake up.. Tea for you”. How could I say no to this lovely gesture? I woke the very second which is unusual on the week end.

Leaving a picture of my sunday morning tea.



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