Look who is doing all this..

(Post that was in drafts for almost 2 years now)

Few years back – 2008/2009

Over the phone – Conversation between brother and sister – Scene 1:

Thambi : Please don’t pay the advance for that home. It is closer to your office but too far from my college. It will be a very long commute for me. We can find house somewhere between my college and your office.

Akka : No chance! I can never have an exhausting commute. I want the house closer to office. If you can’t travel from here, then better be in hostel and come home on week ends.

Thambi: Ok.. Thanks! (bangs the phone)

In the office cafeteria – Conversation between friends – Scene 2:

Workaholic girl : Hey sorry.. sorry again..! Held up with some work again. Were you waiting too long?

Friend 1 : 20 mins… (gasps) When will you stop working like this? And why don’t you go home soon? Have you ever seen the day light in the evenings?

Friend 2 : She is trying to befriend all the security who work here during day and night. And not to miss the dogs that wait in the streets to welcome her. (giggles)

In the office cubicle – Over the phone conversations – Scene 3:

Workaholic girl : tat..tut..tttat.. (seriously looking at the monitor & typing on the keyboard) Phone rings… (sound is ignored)

After one complete ring, phone rings again. Girl takes the phone and clicks something to put the phone in silent mode without seeing who calls.

Mom : (calls friend of the girl) Hi ma. How are you?

Friend : Im fine aunty. Did you call her? Is she not picking up the phone?

Mom : Yes ma. I dont know why she even carries a phone with her. Can you please let her know that Im going to temple in the evening and will turn back home only by 8 PM. Today there is prathosam puja in temple. I forgot to tell her this in the morning.

Friend : Don’t worry aunty. She wont return home that soon. You better eat and sleep aunty. Today is code release day for her. She will come home and ring the bell in the mid night or early morning. Anyway, I will dial to her extn & will pass on the message.

NOW – YEAR 2012

At home – Conversation between lacchu and me – Scene 4 – On Feb 26, 2012:

Lacchu : If you are going to continue in this job, its better we move to Princeton or somewhere closer to your office. That will cut down your exhaustive four hours commute that you do everyday.

Me : No. I have made all my analysis. This is the place where we have a good day care with parent viewing monitor. I can have the monitor open in office always and take a glimpse at it every now and then & see what Keerthi is doing, once we put her in day care.

Lacchu : This long commute will take a toll on your health and stress you out.

Me : Not a problem. Without the parent viewing monitor, I will be even more stressed out. So being here will be the best option.

Over the phone conversation between me and my mom – Scene 5 – On Feb 27, 2012:

I returned to work after the work break will the exclusive time spent with my little sweet heart.  My Mom and Keerthi at home

@ 9.05AM

Called mom to check what she has been doing after the time, we left home. Mom has put keerthi to sleep after long struggle, so couldn’t ask her to put the phone over to keerthi. (Yes. She enjoys to hold the phone and listen. And loves to coo & giggle back)

@ 10.45AM

Called mom to check if she is awake. She was awake. So asked mom to put the phone over to keerthi. Heard her coos and giggles. After sometime puts down the phone with no heart

@ 12.20 PM

Called mom again to know what keerthi is doing

@ 2.10 PM

Called mom again. What for? Keerthi again.

At home – Conversation between mom and me – Scene 6 – On Feb 27, 2012:

@ 4.15 PM : Someone knocks the door of my house. Keerthi and mom sleeping. Mom hears the sound and comes to the door. Sees me standing outside. But not shocked or surprised. Opens the door.

Mom : I know you can wait to come home till 6.15 PM. When did you start from office?

Me : 2.15 PM. Is she sleeping?

Keerthi cries from her bed. I rush to her without even taking my shoes. Stops crying for a minute and stares at me and cries even more. As I was wearing shoes, I couldnt go to bed and take her. My mom takes her and I walk back to leave my shoes with a great disappointment. I took off my shoes and turned back to get elated. Yes..! Keerthi was trying to come off my mom’s hand and extends her arms for me to take. No words to explain the happiness. Took her.. Then hugs and kisses followed.

Today, again I left the office early to come home soon and spend time with my daughter.

“The moment a child is born, the mother is also born. She never existed before. The woman existed, but the mother, never. A mother is something absolutely new.” Osho

Motherhood has changed so much in me.


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