Doctor!! Heart la pain..

Nowadays, people from very younger age group fall victim for high blood pressure, heart disease & strokes. Here is a scoop about a victim who fell prey for this. Real Incident that shook me off….!

Mr.LOL experiences severe chest pain for two days altogether. With his ancestors having the history of heart disease, he gets much worried about his personal health and informs a friend about this. Upon his friends suggestion, they apply for a personal time off at office and leaves to meet a well-known cardiologist in the city.

Note: Identity of the Mr.LOL is concealed upon request.

Few years back in Erode @ the doctor’s clinic – Conversation between Doctor, Mr.LOL and his friend

Mr.LOL and his friend gets to be in the already overcrowded waiting room during a midday. The most dreadful thing in being at the doctor’s office is that staying midst the afflicted people without developing anxiety and fear about your own pain. After a nervous wait, Mr.LOL and his friend were ushered in to the doctor’s room by a pretty nurse.

To keep up the originality, the conversation here is presented to you as spoken..

Doctor : Vanga.. Unga rendu perula yarukku prachana..

Mr.LOL : Doctor, Ennaku than..

Doctor : Vanthu inga ukkarunga (points to the seat close to him)

( Mr.LOL takes the seat that is close to the doctor. Friend takes another seat. )

Doctor : Enna Vela pakkaringa..?

Mr.LOL : Service Engineer sir..

Doctor : Udambukku enna pannuthu..

Mr.LOL : (with a sad look on face, puts the hand on RIGHT side of the chest) Rendu naala heart la orey pain sir.. konjam bayama irukku..

Doctor : (gives a deep stare at Mr.LOL and gasps ) Hmmmmm.. ( helps Mr.LOL’s hand from RIGHT side to LEFT side of the chest ) THAMBI.. heart intha pakkam iruku pa..

Mr.LOL & his friend : @#$^%&# ( puzzled )

Doctor : Yethavathu heavy ya thookirupinga.. Muscle catch aiyurukum.. ( scribbles something in his notepad and tears the paper to give to Mr.LOL ) Intha mathiraya vangi sapidinga.. Yellam seri aiyudum..

Mr.LOL : (still puzzled.. nods his head) thanks sir..

Outside the doctor’s room, Mr.LOL pays hefty sum mentioned by the pretty nurse as fees for just a muscle catch and walks with his friend. Friend who is quiet & still baffled by what has happened, turned at Mr.LOL

Friend : Machi…, heart intha pakama va iruku..??@$%^$#??

Now.. What to say..? Mr.LOL is one funny victim of this so called heart disease.. So better LAUGH OUT LOUD..! 🙂

And YES..! This incident shook me off when narrated to me. I was in the floor rolling with laughter.


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