Happy B’Day to Me & My Blog

Its another 25th of February and yes, it is my birthday!

Today I’m turning 26 and it is weird to realize how soon time flies. Life in the past 25 years had too many ups and downs and it has been a roller coaster ride through mixed emotions like love, joy, surprise, anger, fear, disappointment. But, life post-marriage has been bliss. Though there are numerous challenges to face on daily basis, life is much simpler than what it was before. And the credit goes to the person who has accepted me as I’m, along with helping and encouraging me to pursue my interests. Thanks to fate that smiled upon me in the name of marriage. I’m one happy person in this world feeling thankful and blessed for what life has given me so far.

Coming to this blog, writing has been a passion ever since my school days. I have tried my hands on it and donated some articles to library and placement office during my school & college days. Later, I always wanted to have a blog for myself to post my thoughts. With too many things going, I was always in loss of time to own a blog. Finally, I have decided to make time for it. Hence today happens to be the birthday for my blog too. Looking forward to publish some nice posts on varied topics.

If you chance upon my blog and like what you read, do leave me comments!! Your valuable comments will cheer me up and will help me evolve as a better writer.


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